Reflections Campaign By Tom Hussey

I found this remarkable little photo series on my travels earlier this morning which is based around the idea of growing old and reflecting back on our previous selves, the lives that have already been lead, and the job’s that helped to form our younger identities. I see something that all creatively minded photographers strive for in this selection before us, to create imagery that goes beyond the realms of being an image of a persons features and to look into their identity as a whole, who they are and the dreams they have of being. I get so uninspired by the majority of portrait photography I find it so bland and one dimensional, don’t get me wrong sometimes creativity like seen above and bellow isn’t appropriate or needed but I love the idea of being able to make the viewer question what they are seeing, and applying it to their experiences and own imagination. This series has earned Tom a spot in national magazine in the states Communication Arts and Id be surprised not to see him nominated for an award on this one, such a simplistic idea executed in flawless fashion. To see more work from Tom Hussey head over to his personal page via the link found bellow.

Find more work from Tom Hussey here

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