Reset By Szymon Kabala

Polish creative Szymon Kabala graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland but not before designing and executing this charming little visual working titled Reset. Its based around one lone character who unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a name, he’s a small robot type figure who task is to check everything within his world is working to order and how it should be. Id like to imagine that Szymon got a very high mark for this piece, it always seems that the projects that are uncreative and tick the right box gain the top grade on many degree courses of late. I for one think a piece like we have here should be celebrated, Szymon has clearly had a vision of creating a project that stands apart from what the last crop of students implemented, very innovating and original. I think we can all agree here that his hard work has paid off, and regardless of the mark he achieved this is one graduate with a strong future ahead of him.

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