Royal Family Collages From Aprile Eelcich

Toronto based creative Aprile Eelcich is a graphic designer, artist, and writer who recent produced this collection of collages as a personal project. These really caught my attention on my daily travels through the various networks we use, Aprile became inspired to create this set of ten when she found a pair of scrapbooks hiding away at the St Lawrence antique market. The books were filled with realms of newspaper clippings showcasing the personal lives of Queen Elizabeth and her family throughout the nineteen fifties and sixties. Aprile was able to combine the imagery with here own vintage styled touch to create these collarges which are pretty timeless and classic, she has really respected the era in the making of these. If you like these I recommend heading over to Aprile Eelcich’s web space as this project is very typical of other pieces she has created in the past, the link for this as always can found just bellow.

Find more workings from Aprile Eelcich here


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1 Comment

  • Aprile Elcich

    Thanks Daniel,
    It’s actually a set of 40! I didn’t have a chance to scan them all because they are already framed.


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