Saturation – Beeswax on Stretched Linen by American Artist Jessica Sanders


I’m always on the look out for creatives with interesting stories, so when I bumped in to the work of American artist Jessica Sanders it just made sense to showcase a selection of her work. They are not only visually appealing, thanks to the abstract shapes and muted colours, but they’re also made of an interesting material which gives these canvases an interesting twist.

Jessica’s material of choice is beeswax, which she melts and pours on to semi-transparent linen to create wonderful works of art. Her background and education is in ceramics, but she transitioned over to art and substituted the clay for wax. This method was immediate, she was able to guide the wax across the canvas and manipulate it in a similar way that you can with clay.

It all starts with a basic shape, she then tries to pour the wax in a natural but calculated way. As this is depending on gravity there’s only so much you can do to control the wax, so if she’s not happy with the final piece she sometimes works the wax and it becomes part of her ‘crumpled’ series. Sanders can spend up to eight hours a day twisting and folding the canvas for her crumpled series, doing it this way she’s able to create small abstract details that resemble geometric patterns. For me it’s most interesting that these are left to dry naturally, the unpredictability reminds me of many craft mediums, such as woodworking or pottery itself, this requires a whole different mentality to that of having full control over your artwork. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these and will view similar works like this on her portfolio.