Sectional Elements – Abstract Compositions by American Artist Ryan Tippery

When I came across these works by Chicago-based artist Ryan Tippery I was interested in the way in which he integrated natural looking patterns with flat coloured block elements. I’ve never really seen this mix before, so it was intriguing to contemplate the different patterns that he’s been experimenting with and how his style is developing over time.

Ryan’s main focus is abstraction, which stems from his deep interest in exploring psychology through art. In his bio he talks a bit about rational and intuitive ways of thinking and how we have a chaotic part of our mind and an area of restraint that’s analytical and orderly. Ryan then uses his art as a way to show the contrast in these two ways of thinking and how they can possibly work hand in hand to compliment one another.

I always feel very precise with my thinking and the way in which I design, which sometimes makes my work lack in character and makes it harder to experiment with colour. Seeing artwork like this is very inspiring for me, it makes us all challenge our usual style and see how the other side might improve our work and balance everything out. Here are some artworks from Ryan’s portfolio that I liked a lot, more like this can be found on his website linked below. Enjoy.