Set Of Artworks From Manuela Marin

Colombian Artist Manuela Marin currently resides in Medellin creating artworks through the use of illustration, drawing and painting. Today Manuela brings us this collection of five artworks that hold a haunting dark focal point which are neutralised by soft pastel blues and grey tones. Im quite fond of how stripped down and minimal these looks are in terms of design, yet still manage to hold so much texture and detail through the use of fine brushstrokes. To me there is definably a sense of caution / anxiety implemented here given the position of some of the figures in the pieces, they stand tall and still as if they are not sure of what lies ahead. Perhaps thats a little of my imagination running and a tad amount of over reading these but effective art I believe is perceived differently by each individual that views it. I really enjoyed these nevertheless, if you want to see more artworks from Manuela Marin head over to her personal page via the link bellow.

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