Shadow Play – Abstract Compositions by Graphic Artist Karina Petersen


I’ve been admiring these abstract compositions by Graphic Artist Karina Petersen. Based in Kolding, Denmark, Karina works within the fields of illustration, printmaking, and textile design. But my particular interest is in her Graphic works, which is where this series has come from titled “Shadow Play”.

The Shadow Play Prints investigate the relationship between light and shadow, juxtaposing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements on paper. I’m especially intrigued by the colours that she’s selected, you have the deep black at the forefront with lighter shades behind, creating depth and intrigue.

In a way they remind me of the works of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, he was able to play with both a light and shadow in a similar way, creating a unique contrast and tension in simple shapes. Later in his career Moholy-Nagy was able to bring his ideas to the medium of photography, and really revolutionised it with his mindset and creative techniques. Hopefully we will see Karina do something similar thing, more like this can be found on her website linked below.