Shore By Matt Pringle

Video artist Matt Pringle has been out of the mix for a little while now, and it’s been a bit of shame because he’s such a talented little creative. The last piece we brought across from Matt was his photographic tales project which was really eye catching and captivating. Since then Matt has given moving footage the backseat and has been trying to focus on his still image more. In fact id recommend taking a look over on his flickr account to see what he’s been up to, his works are pretty original and impressive.

What we have below is a short piece which was created on Alnmouth beach, in Northumberland situated on the north east of England’s coastline. Matt describes this piece as a “salutation to the sea” and I for one hope this is the first of many visual workings that he creates in the coming weeks and months.

Shot on a Panasonic GH1 with the following lenses:

Kit lens
Nikon 28mm f2.8 prime lens
Lensbaby Composer with Plastic Optic

Music: Air – Caramel Prisoner