Shyscapes By Misha Shyukin

German graduate Misha Shyukin brings us this stunning abstract styled piece of work which he created for his final year of his degree. It really is quite something special, holding a natural look which is believable and genuine even though it has been completely fabricated by Misha digitally.

The piece holds such beauty throughout, presenting one eye pleasing moment after another. Misha has created a project that is subtle in its overall feeling, you can’t help but stop and admire what is developing in front of your eyes. So much attention to detail has been factored into the project that visually the idea just flows and captures the viewer, there are no hooks or grabs needed.

I think the graphical elements are a great touch, which transforms this into something a little bit different and mysterious. These vast and open landscapes are perhaps somewhere we can picture in our minds, but Misha flips this familiarness on it’s head and brings us a new world none of us can relate too.

The piece is so stunning and original that I couldn’t not share it, I’m sure their will be plenty around who would agree that Misha certainly has a bright future ahead of him. You can see more of his work over on his web space along with the various social media that he tends to use.