Singapore Awakens From Karl Von Moller

Ever since he graduated from Film School Karl Von Moller has worked as a Director and Cinematographer in advertising, shooting hundreds of Commercials for the likes of The Australian Defense Force, Canon, Hewlard Packard, and many other international Clients. Also involving himself in the direction and creation of various music videos Karl has established himself within the industry winning awards from the American Film Institute for his role in Break and Enter, a short film he created. On this piece we see before us Karl had this to say ” I wanted to capture a sunrise and try and tell a visual story of a new dawn in Singapore, I wanted to showcase the awakening of Singapore as a visually spectacular and technological megapolis”. He then went on to say that the only issue he came across was the heavy rain he was met by in Singapore, because of this he found himself finding refuge under various vantage points around the capital, filming in 12 mornings to capture a diverse look of this ever developing city. For those who want to learn more about how this was made and other projects that Karl runs a very insightful blog on all of his projects over at his personal site which I will link below. Im always a fan of those who are open to share there experience with others so they can develop their own skills, his posts are well worth a read so head over and check the noise for yourself.

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