“Some Chords” Visuals By Chris Lee

Filmaker and director Chris Lee produced this short little visual after pitching his idea to the artist deadmau5, and winning a competition through Wooshii to take the project on. Its pretty rare for us to bring you something along the lines of a music video, so you know if we do it’s likely to be a little bit special.

Chris designed this piece around the idea of a lone man called Tom who suffers from a rare case of Percussitis, a genetic disease developed from birth which manifests an abnormal growth of the skull and jaw. I found this searching though some older pieces created by Chris, he’s got some great running visuals hanging around, id recommend heading over to his web page.

View Chris Lee’s webspace for more here

Joe Garcia – Tom, Drum boy
Paul Collins – Smoker in Alleyway
Timur Karakas – Shopkeeper

Writer & Director – Chris Lee
Co- Producer & Co- Director – Esteban Gitton
Producer – Francoise Gouliardon
Editor – Chris Lee & Esteban Gitton
D.O.P. – Davide Cinzi
Steadicam Operator – Abdul Mohammed
Camera Operator – Yuro Huang
1st Camera Assitant – Sam Pilling
2nd Camera Assistant/ Footage loader – Sion Fletcher
Choreographer – Nathaniel Parchment
Directors Assitant – Abbie Stephens
2nd AD – Naike Dubois
Special Effects Make up – Mark Aspey & Isabelle Riley
Make Up – Mel Gibson
Production Runner – Guyen Ta
Set Runner – Llija Ivanov
Editors consultant – Michael Ho