Sophia + Anna By Joy Andrews

Director Joy Andrews who bases herself from Seatle created this short visual working over one weekend on a spur of the moment idea. Within one weekend Joy and her team casted, shot, edited and submitted the piece to SIFF film festival on the monday. A great example of some stunning cinematography being put together off the cuff, we see a great sense of joy here in this piece from the two young girls, with an exciting twist at the end.

Joy provides some captivating atmosphere in this piece with the playful audio keeping us content with the light hearted mood the girls are in, little do we know that all this is about to change. It’s a clever little narrative that Joy has constructed here, one I’m sure kept her in good stead for SIFF. I get a sense of the girls coming of age in this piece, with the events of the day surely to lay in their memory for the rest of their days.


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