Stilling the Mind – Experimental Works by Visual Artist Richard Devereux

I’m really pleased when I receive recommendations from our readers about different creatives that they themselves have been following. Using these tips I’m often able to find creatives who are producing inspiring work but haven’t garnered as much attention online, this was the case here today. Seeing the work of UK based visual artist Richard Devereux was a revelation, he’s been making art since the late 70’s but his style is contemporary and has a clean aesthetic.

Richard currently resides in Lincoln and although his works are modern there are many details that can be discovered in the artworks. These details and the free spirited methods in which he experiments with lead to intriguing artworks that balance a clean and contemporary look with deeper meaning and character. He often uses dispersal techniques with high-density pigments on a number of materials to create unusual effects. Obviously there’s a certain control that the artist has in the process, but using Richard’s methods nature itself always dictates the final outcome, thus he is just facilitating the process.

It’s no surprise then that Richard often talks about “stilling the mind” and creating artworks that have a “meditative quality”, of which I think he has certainly achieved. What’s most inspiring for me is that Richard has been persistent with his art making over the years, which in turn has meant the style and concept in his imagination has come to fruition. Obviously, as an artist, Richard is always thinking of new ways to explore, but I really respect his grouping of work and see a continuity throughout that’s refreshing and eye opening. I hope you enjoy his works too and will view more on his website, he is a very talented artist indeed.