Street Looks From Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate

Italian Photographer Matteo Alazzi Delfrate brings us this impressive and inspiring series of images taken in urban and street environments. A year ago he started to shoot with a digital camera walking around the streets seeing what he could find, he says that walking around streets, freezing moments forever, is something that gives him peace and confidence. It changed the way he perceive everything he see’s, with and without a camera in his hands. I think its his selection of subject matter which is so incising in this series, Matteo seems to capture his photographies at the perfect moment, seizing his opportunities combined with an impeccable understanding of lighting in his halftones. Theres so much character in these images above we see the man standing as if in dismay at all the urban decay around him, I think with a camera in your hand your allways looking for those moments to unfold for you to freeze. If you like what you see here head over to Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate’s personal site, which is linked below.

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