Subtle Abstractions – A Selection of Paintings by Polish Artist Tycjan Knut

Sometimes I feel like abstract artists tend to over compensate a little and veer towards bright colours to create some sort of impact on the canvas. Obviously this can be an effective way to shock the onlooker or create initial intrigue, but there’s actually something more appealing about the subtle feelings that arise from viewing natural colours set at different opacities to create art that moves the senses in a much more progressive manner.

Polish artist Tycjan Knut is definitely unique in this regard, creating these subtle abstractions that go against many of the traditional values that exist in this field. Overlapping the colours, some more dramatic than others, creates a collection of work that’s full of depth and brings forward a texture that you don’t often see in abstract art. It makes sense then that his inspiration has roots in the organic world, using this to build on and exceed the tradition of flat colours that have a shock value to them.

It’s interesting to note the progression in his portfolio and how the artworks have become more subtle with time. His research usually involves him looking back through the archives at forgotten abstract “masters” to see what knowledge he can gain and how he can implement these techniques in to his own artworks. Here are a selection of works that inspired me and I hope they will in turn inspire you. I hope you like them and will view more artworks like this on his portfolio linked below.