Such Lovely Teeth By John Andrews

John Andrews clearly has a sense of humor and two years back he decided to get creative with it, designing this short yet charming piece of animation. Such Lovely Teeth is all a bit silly, but sometimes I think we need a bit of comedy to break the day up. I don’t think you can fault John for what he’s created visually here either, he displays a fair amount of craft and imagination.

I love the muted tones and vintage imagery that John’s pieced together in this project, it’s pretty candid and laid back, you can tell he’s created this for the fun and entertainment factor. I’m loving the originality of this though, I can’t think back and remember anything like this previously.

I’ve always been a fan of projects that are created out of the enjoyment of the process, and this piece is no different, in fact it more than embraces the fact. So this piece probably isn’t going to challenge opinions, or make jaws drop in amazement. It really doesn’t need to though, it’s not what it’s designed to do. If you smile or chuckle at this like i did, then John’s work was worthwhile.

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