The Diary of a Disappointed Book From StudioCanoe

The Folks involved with Falmouth creative project StudioCanoe could relate with the idea that books don’t get the treatment they deserve. So they got together and devised this little short visual working based around the concept that although some books may be our most treasured possessions its remarkable how often they still are mistreated, neglecting and sometimes even lost. So they created a diary of disappointment using a simple book as a character, I found myself imagining what the book would say if it had the ability too, perhaps this is the brilliance of the project or perhaps Im going mad. Either way this productions is light hearted, witty and alot of fun to watch if your someone who owns a large number of books. The team behind this was formed back in 2006, with the name developed from memories of a antiquated canvas canoe that several close friends would take out on the open sea to go fishing. The project incorporates music, field recording, photography, illustration and film, and while occasionally involving multiple authors. With the lead creative behind it all being Temujin Doran, to find out more about him and his fellow creatives head towards the personal page via the link bellow.

Find more infomation and other projects by StudioCanoe here

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  • chelsea martens

    what a clever film althought I don’t care for the ending… it makes me sad. :(

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