The Gentleman and The Administrator From Boat Safety Films

As many of you may know, or have come to realise im a big fan of Vimeo and the work Blake Whitman and his team doing over in New York City, so when I came across this Quirky little short made by the guys at Boat Safety Films it couldn’t help but laugh. It light heartily pokes fun at the way the site is run through the use of a letter from user to admin and to be honest I think it spoke to my inner geek. Ive not actually come across The Boat Safety Film collective before being setup in 2009 by creative director Giga Shane and are based in brooklyn out of a historic farmhouse studio. The creator himself has been making movies since the age of eight when he crafted his very own remake of the hand that rocks the cradle, staring himself, his stuffed dog and a container of low fat cottage cheese. one thing for sure, they certainly have a sense on humour over at Boat Safety Films, for more information head over to there personal site, linked below.

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  • Dan Hayek

    Dan Hayek here. Just to clarify we’re actually based in New York City, we have one team member in Portland, dalas verdugo. That’s my disembodied body in top screen shot.



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