The Immigrant By Autofuss

Captivating narration meets refined visuals in a short film titled “The Immigrant” which is presented to us from Mississippi based company Autofuss. Directed by Jeff Linnel this piece takes the approach that less is more, crafting a functional yet imaginative project which is structured around the story of a young man’s grandfather.

I found a great amount of beauty in the footage that the team have filmed, everything is so clean and precise. I have admiration for the shots which involve the plane as it makes it’s way through the sea of white balloons, the transitions are so smooth creating a wonderful flowing feel throughout the piece.

I think that Autofuss have to be congratulated for such a well written piece, the short story sets the whole thing off and provides such depth for something that ‘s so simple. They often say the best things are kept simple and I think this is damming evidence for that argument, the Autofuss team have crafted something that is memorable and beautifully designed.

Be sure to head over to their web-space for more, I find their work quite inspiring and I’m sure you will to.