The Impact of Colour – Light Sensitive Pictures by Garry Fabian Miller

I visited the Australian Tapestry Workshop late last year and it really inspired me when I saw the visual effects that they were able to create using textiles alone. Actually, before I arrived at the workshop, I realised many of the intricacies of the craft are not that well known and are under appreciated in my opinion. So when I saw this short video discussing a collaboration between British artist Garry Fabian Miller and Dovecot Tapestry Studio it instantly struck a chord with what I had in Australia before.

Garry Fabian Miller is a photographic artist who specialises in ‘camera-less’ photographs. He creates these by using various light sources on light sensitive paper, thus creating unusual and interesting works of art. In the video we get to see a little inside his studio, which is quite beautiful by the way, this is where he creates these works of art and shows us some of his working methods and an explanation in to how he makes them.

I think the small segment in the video where Gary explains his appreciation for craft is very noteworthy and mirrors many of my own thoughts on the subject. So I urge you to watch the video below to learn more. I have also placed up a few pictures up from Garry Fabian Miller’s recent collections, more like this can be found on his website linked underneath. Enjoy.