The Impression of Space & Depth – Paintings by Scottish Artist Daniel Mullen

Sometimes in my spare time I like to browse through different art and study the shapes and colours in front of me. I often gravitate toward the geometric patterns and how they create different illusions on the eye. I suppose this way of thinking probably comes from my interest in architecture, as you have these repeating patterns running throughout a build, but actually, when it comes down to it, everything around us has these structures and shapes, even us as humans.

Daniel Mullen is a Scottish painter who currently works in Amsterdam after moving from New York. He moved to Amsterdam in 2005 to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, researching concepts and ideas that could expand his work. Since then his work has gradually become refined, using techniques of illusion to deceive the viewer and grab their attention. One of my favourites being is his “White Series” which is stripped back to the bare minimum. The series is inspired by the word “emptiness”, a word which in Eastern philosophy has meanings of something attainable in a positive sense. So this relationship between the thought patterns of East and West, Emptiness and Nothingness, is represented here.

There are many great works in his portfolio and I recommend you go on over to take a look. It’s good to start from his earliest works and shift upwards from there, you can watch the changes and development in his work which is really intriguing to see. More can be seen on the link below.