The Last Journey

The Last Journey image

Neat little creation from Paris based Compositing and Motion graphics designer who likes to go by the name of Trak. I must confess that I was able to obtain little information on “Trak”, however since I had previously broken my water mark of lacking information being the justification for passing up and going elsewhere for content, I decided to stick with. I watched this and saw it for what it was, something different to each viewer, its inviting their imagination in, and letting them decide for themselves. If this wasn’t the artists intention, Im giving him/her the credit for it anyway. I always seem to recall a quote one of my old art teachers used to repeatedly bark, and this piece reminded me of it. ” paint pictures, with words” she would say. Is the last journey not something different, yet very similar in the way it provokes words from images. I think if we were to record everyones imagination as this played in front of them we would get a very diverse set of ideas and visions, watch below and see what you can see.

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