The Shifting Momentum of Light – Paintings by Australian Artist Lisa Madigan

Painting can come in many forms and represent many things. To me often the most appealing works of art are those that are trying their best to explain or put some kind of meaning to something that can’t be explained. Feelings or emotions expressed in painting can be intriguing, but I especially like the idea of natural elements expressed on a page in some form or manner.

Australian artist Lisa Madigan has mixed her background as a stylist and her experience in floristry to create art that’s very expressive. Using wood, leather or linen as her base material she is able to apply oil paint in a liberal manner, layering up quite frantically, thus creating expression in the overall artwork. Her eye as a stylist means the arrangement is aesthetically appealing on the eye.

Lisa’s inspiration resides in the ever shifting momentum of light, trying to capture this natural beauty in her paintings leads to some unexpected outcomes. I especially liked her new series titled ‘Minimum Maximum’ as the title expresses many of her thoughts as an artist on how she likes to express the maximum amount with only the minimum number of strokes. It’s a great exercise in simplicity and minimalism. Here are a collection of photos from her portfolio, more are available to be seen on the link placed below. Enjoy.