The Simplicity of Modernism – Paintings & Collage by British Artist John Taylor

Collage has always intrigued me. The experimental nature of it, also the skill of being able to handle and combine so many different material. The starting point must be quite hard to approach from a creative standpoint. What material do you pick first? So for an artist to produce a finished piece of work that’s visually enticing is quite exceptional. It shows their boldness and true creativity.

Walter Gropius at the Bauhaus often remarked, we need a “new unity between art and technology”. By fusing the two it may be possible to become “the perfect craftsman”, and thus an exceptional artist. British creative John Taylor has mid-century vibes, but his work should be treated much like a craft, placing the different components on a canvas or in a frame to explore not only colour, but also intrigue us through depth and perception. The way Taylor handles each composition is very precise, consistently playing with the senses and often completely switching his style up. Rare to see in the art world.

Taylor lives and works in South East London, with some inspiration deriving from the “St. Ives School of Art”, most famously known for artists Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth. I can definitely see some of the forms coming through from both of these artists, but there’s an extra step of simplicity and experimentation that makes these completely unique. John’s abstract paintings are acrylic or oils often with added painted card shapes to break them up and layer the compositions even more.

As with many artists these days, I would make sure you follow John on his Instagram page as his art pairs beautifully with the ceramics in a few of his photos. It will be exciting to see what other pieces he produces in the near future. Some of these newer works are available to purchase via his website on the link below. They are sure to look beautiful on any wall.