The Thomas Beale Cipher By Andrew S Allen

Residing in both Seatle and New York, Andrew Allan is a creative filmmaker & storyteller with a curiosity for cryptography. This curiosity led him into creating this great short animated piece titled “The Thomas Beale Cipher” which is a based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code. When uncovered, the finder is said to locate vast riches, with the code being left by a mysterious man to his inn keeper for safe keeping.

I’m loving the aged feel and look of this piece, which for me is a little reminiscent of the ambience created by Matthew Weiner and his 60’s inspired drama Mad Men. It holds a lot of the similar charm and charisma, I’m pretty sure that it’s supposed to be set around the same time.

The team working on the visuals have done a fantastic job. They have gone to great lengths to craft a genuine vintage aesthetic which makes the words of the narrator all the more enticing. I was amazed to find out the team had sourced material in second-hand stores, fabric shops etc, and scanned what they had found in digitally to include into the piece.

This effort has brought the whole piece together, creating something truly remarkable. Even though this has has been shared around a fair bit already I had to bring this into our own archive, it’s got so much quality embedded within it.

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  • Jason Sondhi

    Thanks very much for sharing this with your audience, and for the thoughtful write-up.

    Producer Thomas Beale Cipher

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