The Violin Maker By Tom Faehrmann

The Camera people over at Arri thought what better way to test their cameras than to give it to someone that knows what their doing and let them play for a while. That someone was German director-producer Tom Faehrmann and he went around shooting this short well captured documenting piece of a local violin maker in a small town close to Neuschwanstein. Shot with the new Alexa the only downfall of this piece is the fact that it is so short, perhaps Tom was given only a short time to capture what he wanted.Heres what he had to say about the shoot : ” “We arrived with a truck full of lighting equipment, but ended up shooting with only what we found in his workshop: two 100 W desk lamps. Since Alexa has a true and completely noise-free ISO of 800, the light we captured looks completely natural and authentic”. An insightful piece of production not only into the abilities of the Alexa but also into the craft and skill of producing a violin, You can find more from Tom Faehrmann through the link below.

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