Toronto Falls From Phillip Bloom

Toronto Falls From Phillip Bloom image

Phillip Bloom brings such quality I can’t ignore it. Ive returned to his latest works again and again, he just doesn’t stop producing work that makes my eyes smile, and my mouth drop. Admittedly this isn’t my favourite piece from him, but Toronto Falls is still a captivating visual production with such a high level of imagery that the thought of not supporting it never crossed my mind. He’s being filming in his hotel room again, and doing so with great effect, along with the CN Tower and Niagara Falls. On his most recent blog post Phillip talks to us about the issues he faced while working on this project, ” The main problem with glass is of course reflections. There are number of things your need to do to avoid them. A circular polariser is a good bet to help reduce them, but be careful as they sometimes show up weird patterns in the glass”. I always find it interesting to discover the finer details of a creative project, you get insight to the creators mindset in some respects, and the trail of thought they were in when developing their idea. You can read up more about this piece on the post by Phillip which I will link below, for now watch this short piece and let us know what you think.

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