Trichrome Blue By Lois van Baarle

Created as a Final piece for graduation from Utrecht School of Arts Trichrome Blue is an eye capturing animation by Dutch creative Lois Van Baarle. Trichrome Blue is actually one part of a three part animated series and sets out to offer thought rather than material, in this section of the series we see a young woman lost in a land of bland uninspiring colour. Through discovering a lone fruitbearing tree she escapes to embrace the concept of colour. The Trichrome series actually has its own little site set up which contains all the videos in the series along with added information, it also presents a little quiz which I thought was a neat little touch, and something ive not really seen done before. If your captured by the video id recommend heading over to the site for the series and check out the other pieces in the project, and if you’ve got time on your hands, why not take the quiz. – Find more work From Lois van Baarle through the link below.

“We sell colours not in the form of physical products, but in the form of intangible, spiritual emotion’ – Trichrome

Find more work from Lois Van Baarle Here


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