Urban Looks From Javier Salcido

The idea of capturing a moment in time is implemented in this collection of urban photography looks, and this is something that the Mexican creative say was installed in him from a young age ” Since my childhood I am attracted by the world of photography and graphic arts, transforming every memory of my life in pictures”. Born in Torreon, Coahuila Im not sure if Javier crafted these images in his hometown or elsewhere in Mexico, but they provide a insightful look into the urban surroundings within the country. I think the most notable underlying concept behind these images is a sense of society and community, its quite a personalised collection and you can almost imagine the sounds and smells of the streets in this series. The post processing has helped to give series a unique aesthetic and is one that demands attention to detail, the more you look at the first image in the series the more you can appreciate the detailing of the piece. From the graffiti on the wall to the branding on the truck it all holds a fine detail cultured style which keeps the viewer interested and engaged. Hopefully in the future we will see a personal site from Javier Salcido but for now enjoy above and below.