Window Painting By Dan Berglund

It’s pretty late over here in England so I’l keep this one short and sweet, Swedish Artist Dan Berglund brings the online community another one of his inspiring glass painting pieces.

I stumbled across his person recently over on Vimeo and was taken back by the sheer skill of the young fellow, when viewing Dan’s pieces you really feel involved in his creations as we see them evolve and develop in front of our eyes. Earlier on this evening I noticed he’d posted something new and this brought me a great amount of enthusiasm after a long day. I knew straight away that this was something I would be sharing.

His works are quite relaxing and therapeutic to watch, especially when set to Momus poetry of words and Tona Serenads lovely sounds. The painting was made at Lovomotiv in Stockholm/Sweden, The 70 square meters large painting of white ink illustrate a forest where the animals come to life through stop-motion technique, which is real treat for your eyes.