Wireless In The World II By Timo Arnall

Wireless in the World created by Timo Arnall was met with such success in terms of views that the creator decided to extend the project to two videos. For those that didn’t get a chance to view the first one the concept behind it was underpinned by the predictions of radical architects in the 1960’s who drew up the theory that in the future cities would not only be made of brick and mortar, but also defined by bits and flows of information. In many respects these radicals were correct in their theory, and wireless in the world was crafted for the Habitar exhibition at Laboral in an attempt to keep the ideals they outlined remembered. Throughout the short visual works we see circular shapes which form a relationship with each other to represent the connection between all of our wireless networks, its something we just accept as a given in the modern age and not often we think how devloped as a world we have become. For more projects from Timo Arnall head over to his personal site which is linked at the foot of the post.

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