Workings By Esther Hernandez

Based in the Canary Islands visual artist Esther Hernandez is able to harness her surrounding and capture these beautiful mix media workings. Today I’ve brought a set of six across which I felt were pretty typical of what she usually produces, with the majority captured on the calm sands of her local beach.

I’m pretty fond of this blurred vision that Esther has created in these workings, presenting her artworks with a new found depth, giving off the impression that you are viewing part of someones dream from a distance. Her blurred figures hold such great character and poise, they certainly give the impression your caught up in significant moment of a narrative, which is a nice touch.

I think what I enjoyed most about these pieces was the fact Esther has taken some everyday shots and transformed them into original, captivating and imaginative artworks. It’s clearly a process she gets great enjoyment out of too as she has hundreds of similar examples over on her Flickr page. For those looking for more of the same, the link bellow would be a good start to your search.


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