Wrong Right Wrong By Achim Lippoth

Stunning photographic series from Achim Lippoth derived from the idea of reversing the roles of parent and child, the German photographer is known for his works inspired by childhood. A German native Lippoth has been involved with the creation of both still and moving imagery taking the role as film director for several commercial projects for Markenfilm. Having studied in Manchester and now living in Cologne Lippoth also set up his own magazine which publishes on kid’s wear, which has been running since 1995 and is now seen as a leader in its field. Back with what we have above and bellow Im amazed by the amount of character that Lippoth crafts in these, you can see in the finished product the amount of time the artist has taken in developing each scene so nothing is missed. The scenes here implement the concept and most viewers can see with their eyes what the idea behind the piece is without ever having to remove their glance from the image. This may sound such a simple factor but is often the main downfall of many creative series, Lippoth presents a stunning collection that is not only inspiring but pretty flawless. I strongly suggest heading over to his personal page, the link for this can be found bellow.

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