Author: Mark Robinson

One of the main reasons I love watching short film is the evocative and mysterious element involved as you watch a project unravel in front of your eyes. So this short piece from Dave Delnea really appealed to me as he's left the mystery of the film to be written by the imagination of the viewer, qu

Watching the short piece from Johannes earlier got me thinking, there must be some spectacular views that I haven't seen here in the Uk, and with curiosity getting the better of me I went on a search over on Flickr to find them. I stumbled across Bristol based photographer Ali Scott and these stunni

We've seen so many photographers over the years so it's hard to choose a favourite. Obviously there's not much between each individual, since we like them all, but I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that Debbie Carlos is certainly near the top of my list. I find myself constantly going bac

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