Author: Mark Robinson

Today Sirma Doruk brings us a little international culture with this creative short video she captured on her travels in this great abstract form. I liked the diversity of this piece as we get a slice of daily life in Hong Kong with a real edgy and stark twist. This talented young creative is a [&he

New York based creative Yoonha Park brings us a creative short film which is in keeping of recent trend I seem to be producing in the showcasing of vivid visuals on the platform. Much like the project from Jeff Wohlgemuth and Alec Eagon yesterday this piece holds a lot of psychedelic and dreamy feel

Juan Rayos is a Spanish based creative that takes photographs, films his friends skateboarding, and much much more. But what really caught my eye were these beautiful Moleskine pages in which he has created. Basically he’s took a Moleskine and has annotated each page with striking imagery and

It would seem that kids these day’s are getting inventive when breaking the law, and this short film titled Robo-Rainbow is all the evidence needed to conclude the debate. This innovative project was derived around the idea of ” Instruments of Mass Destructions” which is defined by

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