Author: Mark Robinson

Some more inciting images, taken by Roseateu Yea, a student based in Shanghai, China. These are all taken with a Canon EOS 3000v, which is one i may have to research about a little more. Not sure if i should purchase one or not. I love the grain and the overall texture, the colours are […]

Unintentionally I’m continuing a trend of visual work which features a coastline with this project from Jamie Monfort, but I couldn’t not share his imagery. Producing some calm tones in his works Jamie can often be found guilty of producing a fresh approach to an aged look on his still i

I present a 2010 Vimeo Award Winner, for the experimental category. This is a piece by Chris Beckman titled ‘oops’. I think its been out for while, produced in 2009, but has just come to my attention now. Also i saw it didn’t have as many views as i would have thought on vimeo, so

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