Young Georgia based creative Tyler Axtell caught my eye with this project consisting of graphical inspired imagery in a collection of six. I’ve only ever seen one other project from Tyler before so was really impressed with his eye for this sliced up style that has been created in the post pro

I found this mesmerising video by Joon Moon called Augmented Shadow. This was a design experiment that produced an artificial shadow effect through the use of tangible objects on a displayable tabletop interface. The goals is to offer a new type of user-experience, with the project playing on the fa

Don’t ask me to explain this short running visual working because I can’t, all i know it that i’m in awe of graphical collage that MK12 have created here. Using aged audio the team create a humour inspired presentation which is randomly pieced together in a fashion that can only be

Justin Demetrician is an animator and designer, currently studying at Full Sail University in Florida. I discovered some of his motion works a few weeks back, but totally forgot about showcasing him. He’s a very talented guy, who in my eye, hasn’t been spotlighted too much over the web.