I found this great little themed set of photography by Dutch photographer Peter Kemp on my travels this morning and thought I would bring it across for us all to view. Before we were all treated to some of Peter Kemps previous workings “Happy loving couple” which also held this classic a

Animation of the future is looking pretty exciting right now with all the talents coming out of Cal Arts along with Dogzen Li who I stumbled across today, another new talent emerging and its great to see it from a different part of the world. Dogzen Li attends Beijing Film Academy and this visual wo

Great little infectious visual workings from Jeremy Abel Designer of interaction, motion and code. Crafted through the use of a stop animation technique The Conductor is lighthearted and witty and what it lacks in length it certainly makes up in character and like ability, Im an avid fan of stop ani

London based creative, Tom, also known as Tweed Tom, works for the design company Antidote by day, by night he draws fascinating pieces, all featuring some sort of mechanical twist. Here we have presented some of his personal silk screen prints, which you can actually buy off of his website by click

Residing in San Francisco Sean Mullens has plenty of competition around him, and perhaps this is what inspired him to create this great little film called Birthright. Both personal and insightful Mullens provides us with a short production about One man’s struggle to transcend, we follow a man