void is a team of designers committed to animation and visual communication. These guys have been working on a short video about how to behave on the mountain, it explains why you should or shouldn’t do certain things whilst skiing or snowboarding. This clip is very entertaining and

Matthew Lyons is a 21 year old student, studying in his final year of an illustration and animation course at Loughborough University in England. Matthew creates contemporary interpretations of the space age future, creating something new from old. For example his work entitled Planet 4750 (1961), w

Director Tony Mcneal brings us the best short scripted film ive seen in a long while. Born in Detriot Mechigan He remembers “memorable films left and incredible impression on me from an early age”, he began his career as a Junior Editor at Griot Editorial and it was the Griots general ma

Takafumi Tsuhiya lives and works in Tokyo, he mainly makes single channel video art, live video performances, collaborated A/V performances, motion graphics and some prints. He integrates recorded sources, his own material and handmade animation all into one to create interesting mixed media videos.

If Ryan McGinness didn’t set out to change the art world, then he sure chose the wrong career path. He’s become a household name of art’s contemporary scene “who’s who”, and you’d be har

Polish artist Konrad Smolenski can for sure be called a multimedia artist: he works in many different areas of art and produces videos, audio works, objects, installations, performances, and music. Having special predilection for exposing spectators to shocking traps and a tendency for extreme actio

Neat little creation from Paris based Compositing and Motion graphics designer who likes to go by the name of Trak. I must confess that I was able to obtain little information on “Trak”, however since I had previously broken my water mark of lacking information being the justification fo