I was drawn to this expressive piece by Igor Zimmermann that’s now over two years old. Titled Daylight, it truly overwhelmed me, I was entranced as soon as I hit the play button. The lighting, the model, picture graining, literally everything all combined adds up to a truly wonderful spectacle

I’ve really fell in love with this short piece directed by Kiku Ohe as part of Nokia’s E7 Success Redefined campaign. It follows HK Honey, specifically product designer and founder Michael Leung, on his journey around Hong Kong as he looks to bring nature back into the metropolis. HK Hon

Fantastic Man recommends this short piece by photographer, now gone filmmaker, Alasdair Mclellan in collaboration with Sunspel. He’s a regular contributor to the Fantastic Man schedule so this short film comes as a pleasant surprise to all of us who have seen his photography over the years. It

Takayuki Akachi specialises in a “lone backpacker” style of filming that requires no film crew, as a result of this he has been able to shoot top quality footage in over 60 countries. He still continues to film people all over the world, and traveling has even let him create this piece that you