Ceramics by Christian Escajadillo

I’m not sure we’ve covered an individual from Peru before but that’s one of reasons I love using the platform we have, each day is a new lesson based upon the research of so many diverse, inspiring individuals. Christian Escajadillo is a ceramist I’d not crossed paths with before but his selection of stoneware and ceramic creations that are rather reminiscent of the early playful Bauhaus era really struck a chord with me, you don’t often see such ingenuity. Take this first image as an example with it’s short stature and protruding spikes mimicking that of a puffer fish, If you added this to a side table of a clean structured space it would work as a fantastic statement piece adding a great amount of texture and imagination.

He aims to achieve shapes that have voluptuous sculptural nature to them with neutral tones emphasising their form. Each of his pieces are carefully shaped by hand to achieve tension, movement and symmetry in a convergence of modern aesthetics and utilitarian art. Now I come to think of it the quirky nature of Christian’s work has a few parallels with Austrian creative Matthias Kaiser, a firm favourite here and somebody we’ve been working with recently to get a few items produced. Christian is perhaps a little more rustic in the finishing of his objects but you can definitely see similar experimentations going on in their respective studios.

My favourite creation by Christian has to be within the image I’ve placed last on this list which features a small little bird on the lip of a vase. I love this delicate touch that brings to mind an old chimney with a dove taking brief residence, I’m not sure if this was his inspiration but it’s a fantastic little scene packed full of character and charm. If you’re just starting out yourself in the art I think Christian’s Tumblr is the perfect place to explore and get some ideas of your own, it always helps to see what has been created previously for a bit of context. I for one will be taking a little influence from what I’ve found today for next time I’m in the pottery studio, I can’t promise mine will be this perfect however. Be sure to go support over on his respective pages if you like what you see, in the meantime I’m off to browse some more – Enjoy!