Ceramics By Enno Jäkel

Our quest for a little inspiration takes us into europe this morning, to Cologne in Germany to be precise as we bring across this impeccable set of ceramics by artisan Enno Jakel. In recent months the both of us have definitely developed an admiration for the art of creating objects out of clay and porcelain so to stumble across Enno’s work today was the perfect start to my day.

What stands Enno’s work aside from a lot of the other work I’ve seen is his ability in the top layers of his creations, crafting these mesmerising mosaic like patterns on the surface of his ceramics. As a fan of minimalist design it’s all about the subtle details for me, so these intricate shapes stand as a mark of a master craftsman of the highest quality in my humble opinion.

I do wish these had been photographed in more of a candid style but this is really personal preference and to be honest this isn’t going to effect Enno’s ability to sell a piece. For those who want to look into purchasing one of these masterpieces, all the details can be found on the artists page – you may want to call in google translate if you’re not too inept at the reading the German language.