Ceramics by Karin Michelsen

It’s pretty inevitable now that our internet digging will often land us in one of the Scandinavian countries given the considered eye for craft and design in this part of the world, similar to that of Japan. So it doesn’t really surprise me that we return here today through the work of Danish ceramist Karin Michelsen and her delicate porcelain vessels which are made by hand before being wood-fired. Last year she became a member of the international academy of ceramics following almost five decades in the field, with her works having been exhibited all over Europe and the United States.

What we have here is a collection of more recent creations from the artist titled “family reunion” where Karin has created a few series of similar forms with differentiating glazes. What I personally enjoyed was the fact that each piece has it’s own individual markings and quirky character, yet once grouped together they all seem as one – much like a family. The set of bowls above are clearly my favourites as they seem so reminiscent of the form of a sea shell on the shoreline, they hold the same delicate figure that invites the sunlight to pass through.

I think the imperfections of each piece make these so inciting on the eye, the combination of experimentation and expression has lead for an intriguing individual look which will never be replicated exactly again. When you own objects like these you cherish them because you know somebody has taken time and care to craft each lovingly, and in doing so they have created an object that is truly one of a kind. If you’d like to find out a little more about this work or perhaps purchase an item, you can head over to Karin’s webpage via the link below where all enquiries can be directed.