Ceramics by Laura Carlin

Ceramics is a craft that seems to have gradually worked its way into our content on a regular basis over the past few months, we are big fans of subtle design and I think pottery is an obvious platform for this. Keeping things local this morning, we are visiting the work of London based creative Laura Carlin who doubles as both an illustrator and budding ceramic artist.

While I was browsing Pintrest this morning Laura’s eye for soft colour in the piece above really caught my eye, which left me a little curious to what else she had previously created. Obviously, as you can see below, her portfolio of work doesn’t disappoint with the majority oozing that simplistic quality that we adore here on the site.

Laura is soon to announce the next date for one of her sales where some of these wonderful pieces will be available for purchase. I’m sure if you drop her an email she will let you know of something more specific. In the mean time you can follow her creations via her blog which I’ve linked to just below, so head on through and enjoy.