Cross Sectional – Geometric Porcelain Container Sets by Lee Min Soo

I’ve always felt that the design process tends to develop in stages. As a new designer you tend to focus on things as a singular, working to make that one item as good as it can be. Later your mindset might change and you begin to work on a similar range or collection of items, all of which can compliment each other but still have differences. After this there’s one other area that can be pursued but is actually challenged less often, and that’s not only making a collection of work but also some kind of concept on how they integrate and work as a whole.

If you’re interested in ceramics you will know the history behind Korean ceramics, particular their use of porcelain, and how even to this day there are many great artists of all ages still pursuing this age old craft. Lee Min Soo is one of those, a maker who has been using slip cast porcelain to create these layered containers seen here. Each container is composed of 5-10 layers of very thin casts, and usually they come in sets of five to eight pieces. The thin layers become visible in a cross-sectional view, showcasing the construction, and the lips are then cut referencing the angular forms of the Korean written alphabet, Hangul.

This way of thinking outside of the box has really inspired me, not only are they a set that all coincide you also have this concept behind them and the construction method is also intriguing. Overall a great series, I recommend viewing more like this on the link below. Enjoy.