Crumpled Landscapes – Ceramics by Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng

Product designer and sculptor Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng stood out with her quirky stoneware vase series titled Uben.

Inspired by the organic silhouettes found in nature, Anna has used stilt-like legs that angle in and have a crumbled surface to mimic the feeling of tree stumps or a mountainous landscape.

These crumpled surfaces and uncontrollable formations are the most fascinating part of the making process for Anna. This is what she has coined “quirky morphing aesthetics”, where these uncontrollable elements come together to create something truly unique and beautiful.

There’s a fine line between craft that’s a little stagnant and too perfect, to work that is completely wild and not aesthetically pleasing. To walk the middle line where both contradicting sides come together is what makes handcrafted objects so beautiful. I’m glad an artist like Anna has found a way to harness both in her Uben sculpture series.

Crumpled Landscapes 2

Crumpled Landscapes 3

Crumpled Landscapes 4

Crumpled Landscapes 5

Crumpled Landscapes 6

Crumpled Landscapes 7