Fluted Stoneware by TORTUS Copenhagen


A common theme on our blogs ceramic section is stoneware orientated sculpture, a mixture of hand built and thrown works that look strikingly organic. I’m very inspired by the rugged, gritty surfaces, those special textures created by the adventurous mixing of clay. It seems like no pot is exactly the same, reminding me of fossils or early Japanese ceramics like Shigaraki and Iga ware. It only seemed natural to showcase this wonderful selection of works by TORTUS Copenhagen.

Founded in 2012 by Eric Landon, Karin Blach Nielsen and Justin Landon, TORTUS hopes to make vessels that have timeless beauty. These ‘fluted stoneware’ pieces certainly have an ageless quality about them. The form, colour and texture are always important in pottery, with these sitting on the hazy patch between functional and sculptural. Shape wise they’re not that unusual, possibly inspired by Asian ceramics of the past, but the texture and lines on the surface create a unique effect that works well with the base material.

Much like all the works showcased here, I’m looking at how these can inspire me on a personal level. I think it’s important if you’re going to study such works that you are aware of those elements that are captivating. I’m constantly collecting pictures and references that could help me in the future. This year I think I’ll try my hand at making some architectural works, and maybe even use a similar technique to this to create pattern and texture. If you want to see more pots like this I’d recommend keeping an eye on the TORTUS webpage, they definitely have something special going on.