Forces of Nature – Porcelain and Stoneware Ceramics by Norman Yap


I’ve been inspired by sculpture lately, especially sculpture that’s been placed outdoors. The reason why is because you’re able to touch these structures, it’s also interesting to see how other humans interact with them. That’s one of the appealing things about ceramics, although small in size, the material itself gives you the ability to be completely free. You can touch and hold the pieces, even as intimate as putting a bowl or cup to yours lips. You can’t do that with many other objects.

When I came across the work of British potter Norman Yap, a lot of these feelings arose again. Not only are his vessels organic, I like the way that he’s split his collection in to two parts, producing both stoneware and porcelain ranges. These are then reduction fired to approximately 1300C, giving interesting and varied colours that span the entire surface of the pots. This method of firing is quite unpredictable. Although there’s a level of control, you’re always going to be working with a naked flame, so this unpredictability will show in the final objects. It’s almost as if you’re letting the forces of nature dictate the final outcome, thus giving the work a uniqueness.

Norman himself is a British potter based in North London. In his bio he talks about the differences between the stoneware and porcelain collection, almost as if these two mediums contradict one another. Applying thick glazes to the stoneware vessels, and marking and scoring the bare porcelain exterior. Overall a fantastic selection of works that I highly reccomend checking out on his website, which has a similar simplicity and modernity in appearance. Enjoy.










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