Further Ceramics from the Rosenfield Collection

After what has felt like a continuous flurry of ceramics and pottery we’ve had a bit of a break away from this topic. Today however I thought I’d bring a collection back into the fold as I think the art is such a raw form of creativity that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Many of you may recall the Rosenfield collection we referenced back in November which I’ve decided to raid again today. Curated by David and Louise Rosenfield the pair continue to add to their collection which is now 1891 objects strong and counting, apparently they still have a backlog of items yet to reach their online archive.

I’m really inspired by the couples dedication to documenting their collection as most collectors, particularly those with a collection of this size, don’t feel compelled to take the time to share these online. One thing that I think we’re all beginning to appreciate more is the concept of preserving the arts in digital format, collections like these stand as a testament to the work others have completed in previous lifetimes in many cases.

The hope is that more resources like the Rosenfield collection will begin to appear because they serve as a great platform for new potters and ceramists to get inspired to go create their own work. What I love most about their collection is that it’s very diverse in that in harbours both rustic items and those of a more clean cut minimal nature. If you’ve not been across to their archive yet I’d recommend checking in there every now and then because it never fails to disappoint.

Today we’re showcasing the work of Andrew Martin, Amy Henson, Gary Hatcher, Aoki Ryota, Jane Shellenbeger and Maren Kloppmann. All of which have further work over on David and Louise’s webpage.