Handcrafted Ceramic Work by Lubna Chowdhary


Sometimes I get all the credit when finding content for the blog, most of the time they’re all my own findings, but on certain occasions I get help from collaborators and those that email in submissions. Not just from creatives and designers that want me to showcase their own work, sometimes even individuals who have come across something and just decide to send it my way incase I might like it. Every so often this turns to gold.

Today’s short film was sent by a subscriber and I’m really thankful for the nudge, it’s a piece on Lubna Chowdhary, a ceramic artist who’s studio is in London. The first thing that I saw in the video was her beautiful place of work and hub for experimentation, this glass-walled workshop looks ideal and I definitely wish I had one to create in myself. But this film isn’t about the studio per-se, it’s more about Lubna Chowdhary’s handmade tile compositions which are handcrafted at this place of work, but can also be integrated into larger scale projects using machinery, which you’ll see towards the end of the video.

She’s looking to explore architecture in more detail and I can already envision this fantastic injection of colour in a modern space, it would certainly set a build apart from the rest. Actually the style reminds me slightly of Ray Eames or Josef and Anni Albers, which is certainly a compliment. Hopefully you’ll be inspired by this geometry and modularity, also the infinite glazes on show, there’s so many gradients and interesting combinations of colour. It’s also great to see someone like Lubna implement a handmade approach across the board, she’s not only experimenting with ceramics, she’s also making furniture, clothing, and exploring numerous other crafts that affect her lifestyle and work. Very inspiring indeed!


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